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Adobe Download Assistant Problems

I've run into some strange issues with downloading the Adobe photoshop CS5 trial. This is the error message I've been receiving:

Error communicating with (Error 100).

I tried all of the steps mentioned here with no luck:

The Solution that actually worked for me was a combination of the above with one important step (This is on a Windows 7 64 bit PC):

Remove preferences folder from C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Adobe.comblahblaahblah Just delete this folder.
Now uninstall Adobe Download Assistant from the contral panel.
Login to and download the Download Assistant again.
Go to Start ==> Programs ==> Right click on Adobe Download Assistant and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.
After, I started the application as an administrator I was able to search through the Download Assistant for the CS5 trial and start my download.

This all took me about 2 hours of trial and error to figure out. Hope I saved you guys some time…